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Nov 14, 02 - CHINDEX INTERNATIONAL, INC. Announces 3rd Quarter and Nine Month Results;. Revenue Increases Fuel $0.19 Per Share Quarterly Earnings;.
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Healthcare Products Distribution

The Chindex Healthcare Products Distribution Division provides unique pipeline distribution services to the healthcare and health related industries through a wholly-owned logistics network. Comprised of the Logistics Services, Retail Pharmacy Sales, and Hospital Sales business units, it has been recognized as an industry leader. Chindex has invested heavily in the distribution infrastructure to access the untapped retail pharmacy markets for branded Western healthcare and personal care products. Chindex has pioneered the opening of this marketplace and in the future will take advantage of the emerging OTC and ethical drug markets. The division also provides logistics and supply channel management services to foreign medical device manufactures expanding their presence in the Chinese hospital market.

Product synergy between the Capital Medical Equipment division and the Healthcare Products Distribution division provides a comprehensive supply solution for Chinese hospitals across a broad spectrum of medical products.

Logistics Services

Through its two established distribution centers in Tianjin and Shanghai, Chindex offers custom logistics services to principals in the healthcare device industry as well as to other Chindex divisions. This business unit provides services to:

BD (Becton Dickinson)
Retail Pharmacy Sales

Through a partnership with L’Oreal, the world’s largest producer of cosmetic products, Chindex has paved the way into distribution of healthcare and personal care products through retail pharmacies. Chindex’s unique ability to closely control both the inventory and the distribution channels in China has proven successful. Beginning in 2002, Chindex will be introducing additional brands of health-related products to this growing distribution pipeline, which targets the top 30 cities in China that account for over 80% of the emerging demand. The product focus of the Retail Pharmacy Sales business unit is shifting increasingly to Chindex-branded products or those products for which Chindex can maintain some degree of brand ownership.

L’Oreal/Vichy Laboratories
Natural Formula
Summers Eve
Hospital Sales

Capitalizing on the 20-year reputation of Chindex in the hospital industry in China, the Hospital Sales business unit taps the substantial and growing market for high-quality imported medical consumables and low priced instrumentation. The Hospital Sales business unit expertise focuses on distribution through a network of more than 500 local area dealers throughout the country. The product portfolio complements the Capital Medical Equipment division in many areas.

Interventional Cardiology
Guidant Corporation
Diagnostic Imaging
Siemens ultrasound
Critical Care/Acute Care/Infection Control
Hudson RCI

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