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United Family Hospitals


Bartow David Daniel, III
UFH Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Daniel is the Chief Financial Officer for United Family Hospitals and Clinics and his current position includes responsibility for all clinical, billing and financial systems of the UFH network. 

Mr. Daniel has worked in healthcare management for over 15 years, with previous working experience with the HCA Healthcare network and the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Network.  He has worked on a variety of HIS platforms including Meditech, Siemens, HBOC and ISOFT.  He has participated and led four separate conversions to new HIS systems.

Mr. Daniel has a B.A. in Accounting from Flagler College, St. Augustine, Florida.


Dr. Robert Michaud
Chief Operations Officer 

Dr. Michaud is responsible for the management and performance of the hospitals and clinics in the Shanghai market. He has over 20 years of clinical and healthcare management experience.

Dr. Michaud's clinical experience includes staff positions at Beijing United, Madriver Hospital in Arcata, CA, and at the Norton Sound Hospital in Alaska. His managerial experience includes holding the positions of Chief of Staff, Urgent Care at Pacificare in Guam and at the Samuel Simmonds Hospital in Barrow, Alaska.

Dr. Michaud is a graduate of the East Virginia Medical School and has a Masters of Healthcare Management and Policy from Harvard University.


Dr. Artin Mahmoudi

UFH Chief of Medical Officer/Beijing Market CMO

Dr. Mahmoudi is the Chief Medical Officer for United Family Hospitals and Clinics.  He has been with the organization for three years.  Dr. Mahmoudi is responsible for the organization’s medical providers including recruitment, retention and staffing, as well as medical quality, risk management and department leadership. In this position, he provides leadership and guidance to the medical staff and promotes effective communication among the medical staff, administration, and the board of directors.

Dr. Mahmoudi's responsibilities in this position also include ensuring bylaws implementation, securing and maintaining JCIA accreditation, reviewing all peer review reports, providing information to the board concerning the care and treatment of patients, and facilitating positive relationships among administration, the medical staff, and other organizational support services.

In addition to specialty training in Internal Medicine, and subspecialty training in Pulmonary Medicine and Critical Care, Dr. Mahmoudi has 12 years of experience in medical leadership including serving as Chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine, Medical Directorship of the Intensive Care Unit, and Public Health experience in tuberculosis control including program development, grant writing, budgets and data management. 

In addition to work experience in China Dr. Mahmoudi has worked in the Mariana Islands and in the USA.


Shen XiaoYan

UFH Chief Nursing Officer/Beijing Market CNO

Ms. Shen is the chief nursing officer in UFH, as well as the CNO at Beijing United Family Hospital. Her current position includes overall responsibility for establishing nursing standards, ensuring the implementation of hospital nursing policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with health bureau nursing policies, participation in hospital management, and making staff plans and strategic plans for nursing staff recruitment, retention, training and evaluation. 

Ms. Shen has over 24 years working experience in the nursing field, during which time she has worked in a variety of clinical settings, including as a part-time nursing instructor in a Chinese school of nursing and as deputy head nurse in an ICU. In addition, she has five years of international experience as an RN in the United Arab Emirates.

Ms. Shen has worked at BJU since 1997. She graduated from Beijing Hospital School of Nursing, and Peking Union Medical College - Nursing. She is currently studying in the Colorado University Health Science Center School of Nursing for an MSN degree in nursing administration.  


Susie Bates Wang
UFH Chief of Human Resources/Acting Beijing Market Chief Operations Officer

Ms. Wang is responsible for the strategic direction of the human resources department and the development of all policies and procedures for that department. In addition, as the Acting Beijing Market Chief Operations Officer, she is responsible for the management and performance of the hospitals and clinics in the Beijing market.

Ms. Wang has been living and working in Beijing, China for 24 years as a hands-on human resources practitioner. She was involved at the start-up of the Rolls-Royce International operations in China from the early 1980s, spending over sixteen years with the organization holding senior management positions.

Prior to joining United Family Hospitals in the late summer of 2003, Ms. Wang was Director of Human Resources for the Siemens and CITIC finance leasing joint venture, Xin De Telecom. She is a member of the Society of Human Resource Management, and the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Association.


Rex Hancock

UFH Chief Risk Management Officer/ Beijing Market CSO

Mr. Hancock is responsible for spearheading the Joint Commission on International Accreditation (JCIA) initiative in Beijing as well as oversight of risk management for the UFH network. He has rich management experience in the healthcare industry in the Asia-Pacific region.

Since 1995, Mr. Hancock has resided in the cities of Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney, Bangkok, Dalian and Beijing. He has worked in both public and private hospitals in Hong Kong, and he established and operated the International Patient Centre at the premier Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand.

Mr. Hancock joined Dalian New Century Hospital as Chief Executive Officer in April 2003, where he implemented effective western management and financial systems and completed a feasibility study and business plan.

Mr. Hancock is a graduate of Massey University with a diploma in Management and a BA degree in Chinese studies. As an Australian/New Zealand registered nurse, he has clinical expertise, and is a post-graduate student at Columbia Southern University for a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management. He also attended graduate school at Shanghai Foreign Language University.


Sylvia Pan
UFH Chief of Business Expansion for United Family Hospitals


Ms. Pan is the Chief of Business Expansion for UFH, which includes responsibility for new facility project management, business development, government relations and UFH marketing and communications.

Ms. Pan has been working with United Family Hospitals for over nine years, during which time she has worked with government departments at all levels of municipal and national offices, handled capital equipment imports and customs issue, direct-line management of ancillary and supporting services including Radiology, Laboratory, Medical Records, I.T., Facility, Biomedical and Central Supplies, and Clinical Services.

Ms. Pan has an MBA degree from Peking University and an MBA degree in Health Administration from University of Colorado at Denver.


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