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BETHESDA, MARYLAND - June 13, 1995 - U.S.-CHINA INDUSTRIAL EXCHANGE, INC. (USCIE) (NASDAQ:CHDX), the largest independent American distributor of Western medical instrumentation in the People’s Republic of China today announced an exclusive distribution agreement with Polaroid Medical Imaging Systems (PMIS), a division of Polaroid Corporation (NYSE:PRD).

USCIE has assumed exclusive responsibility for the marketing, sales and technical support of the Polaroid Medical Imaging Systems product line in China including the recently introduced new Helios Laser Imaging system.

The Helios Laser Imaging system is based on a revolutionary new technology which produces hard copy transparencies with dramatically higher resolution than conventional methods. The technology developed by Polaroid is completely digital and can be used to produce images generated from CT, MRI, digital -ray, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine scanning modalities. Because it does away with all wet chemical processing, the Helios system is considerably more convenient than traditional methods of generating hard copy transparencies.

"The potential for Polaroid’s Helios system in China is tremendous,"commented Roberta Lipson, President and CEO of USCIE in Beijing. "Our marketing efforts for the product will initially target the installed base of CT scanners in China. This base is estimated to be close to 2,000 units nationwide and increases by nearly 200 units per year. We have introduced the Helios product this Spring at the national medical equipment exhibitions here in Beijing and the reception has been fantastic. We are very excited about this product."

Mr. Phillip Kuhn, Vice President , PMIS International Operations commented on the distribution agreement with USCIE: "We have known of USCIE and their achievements in the China marketplace over a number of years and are very pleased to be working with them. They are an aggressive sales organization and have an excellent reputation because of their dedication to long term product development and customer support. We are confident that they are the right organization to bring the Polaroid Helios system to China."

USCIE has a worldwide staff of over 100 and has distributed Western medical instrumentation in China since its founding in 1981. Its nation wide sales force in China has supplied capital equipment to more than 600 individual hospitals, many of which are repeat customers. The Company’s strategic policy is to represent only leading edge technologies and to provide exemplary customer service in the Chinese marketplace. The Company owns and operates a full technical service organization as well as a Chinese subsidiary company which provides a national distribution network for consumable products.

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