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Bethesda, Maryland - May 24, 1996 - U.S.-China Industrial Exchange, Inc. (NASDAQ:CHDX), a leading American company in market representation, sales and consulting services for Western business in China since 1981, and Acuson Corporation (NYSE:ACN), a manufacturer of high-end color doppler ultrasound scanners, today announced the Asian launch of the Sequoia™ ultrasound technology at a special meeting of more than 500 potential customers, prior to the opening of the World Congress of Echrocardiology.

U.S.-China Industrial Exchange (Chindex) has marketed Acuson’s products in mainland China since 1988 and began representing the Company in Hong Kong in April.

Sequoia uses a revolutionary ultrasound imaging technology designed and developed by Acuson to provide medical professionals twice the diagnostic information in half the time. Sequoia images are credited with increasing the accuracy of diagnoses by leading medical facilities such as the Cleveland Clinic.

Roberta Lipson, U.S.-China Industrial Exchange President and CEO said from Beijing, "We have enjoyed the leading market share in high-end ultrasound in China for years. Acuson’s original product is highly rated by the medical profession. Our Chinese customers have consistently been early adopters of new imaging technology. Sequoia will dramatically expand our existing market."

"In keeping with Chindex’ strategy of offering superior service and product support, we have developed a program designed to educate the market about Sequoia’s revolutionary technology through extensive demonstrations and technology seminars," said Ms Lipson. "After the initial product launch this week, Chindex will introduce Sequoia at national and regional equipment exhibitions throughout the year. Our goal is to add new products and to continue to identify new market opportunities."

Chindex and Acuson, through their strategic partnership, are the market leaders in high-end color doppler ultrasound in China. Since 1987, nearly 300 Acuson 128XP ultrasound systems have been installed in China. The Acuson 128XP system has established itself as the clinical benchmark for ultrasound performance in China and around the world.

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U.S.-China Industrial Exchange, Inc. (Chindex) provides market representation, sales and consulting services in China to a number of multinational and Fortune 500 companies including Volvo Construction Machinery, Clark Equipment, Acuson, Johnson & Johnson and Polaroid. With over fifteen years experience, 125 employees, and operations in the United States, China, and Hong Kong, Chindex strategy is to expand its cross-cultural reach by providing leading edge technologies, quality products and services to China’s growing professional communities as well as identifying future ventures in other emerging Asian markets. Chindex is listed on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol CHDX.

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